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Image by Markus Spiske

"The Swim Now cleaning regimen is designed to keep your pool sanitary, clean and usable all year round!"

Beach Ball in Pool



Yoga by the Pool

September, 2020

Off Season use of your pool

"The investment in your pool is a commitment to your healthy lifestyle. Managing it year round is important to you. Connect with professionals to maintain a clean and safe environment to fit your specific needs anytime of the year." - Jim


October 2020

Reliable pool cleaning services

"We are a family run business. We are committed to doing a great job and being reliable, showing up consistently on time and keeping your pool clean and safe."  - Tom

Pool Cleaning

November 2020

Las Vegas weather and weekly cleaning

"The colder months of November through February have a drastic impact on the overall chemical balance of your pool. Sanitizing levels should be lowered during this time of year."

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"Swim Now's maintenance system works by listening to our customers concerns and specific needs. We also provide recommendations on all pool equipment service issues and provide timely feedback and reliable service to get you back running again quickly ."


- Jim


Swim Now takes the time to get it right!

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